Breathing Technique 4

Three Part Breathing

The purpose of the three part breath exercise is to help you unlearn the unhealthy pattern of taking in slow sips of breath through your nose or even worse through your mouth. If you do this your belly becomes too tense and as a consequence your whole body becomes too tense. Also, your mind becomes anxious as a consequence of shallow breathing.

As opposed to the above, three part breathing is deep and full breathing. It ventilates all of the lobes in your lungs allowing for an adequate exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This in turn helps dispel anxiety and induces a sense of mental calmness.



  1. Stand / sit keeping your spine straight.
  2. Take a deep and steady breath through your nose.
  3. Fill the lower part of your lungs letting your belly push out as you do so.
  4. Fill the middle part of your lungs letting your ribs and breastbone push out.
  5. Fill the highest part of your lungs letting your upper chest push out.
  6. Complete the breath by exhaling twice as slowly as you inhaled.

Ten minutes of doing the three part breath exercise a day gently contributes to a happy and healthy lifestyle.